About Power-converters.net

Power-converters.net is a minimalistic website where you can autodidactically learn about power conversion from different aspects: Theory, Simulation, and Practice!

# This mainly includes different types of power converters used for power conversion:

  • DC to DC such as Buck and Boost converters
  • DC to AC such as two-level inverter
  • AC to DC, known also as rectifiers
  • AC to AC, such as cycloconverter and matrix converter



  1. Electrical Harmonics: A detailed understanding of harmonics in electrical power systems
  2. What You Need to Know About Third Harmonic
  3. 5th Harmonics Explained
  4. Harmonics Analysis in Matlab: Full guide
  5. Shunt Filter Design: Short Guide
  6. Power Quality Harmonics Audit (Practical Guide)